Security Cameras & Surveillance

The Ultimate Defense: Simple Management, Anytime Access.
Tech Backbone’s experts excel in deploying cutting-edge, cloud-managed security camera systems to completely secure homes or office spaces. Eradicate blind spots, monitor entrances, garage doors, and any other room from wherever you are. Get instant motion alerts for constant awareness. Our intuitive security solutions bring you peace of mind, ensuring effortless system management. Simply pick your surveillance system, and we’ll design the perfect infrastructure and take care of the setup.
AI-Enhanced Capabilities
Maximize Security with AI features like motion and identity detection, vehicle recognition for access management, smoke alarms, and more.
Seamless Integration
Link security cameras with preferred cloud gateways or WAN platforms, along with intuitive dashboards & mobile apps for unmatched experience.
Leverage Data
Harness a wealth of information from cameras, sensors & network data for comprehensive insights. Easily shareable with law enforcement authorities.
Video Intelligence, in Real Time
Keep an eye on your home or business without complex server storage. On-device processing, secure data encryption, and unique user accounts for added security & convenience.
Safer & Smarter Environment
Capture and associate video with entrance events, ensuring you can easily detect and respond to any suspicious activities in and around your property.
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“Help! I just purchased a home and the previous homeowner had SMART tech installed and nothing works!”
“I’m building 5 high-end homes and want to incorporate a basic SMART tech package for each home. I also want to offer new home buyers potential upgrades during the purchase process.”
“Help! I just purchased a home and need a home network/SMART platform solution before I move in next month!”