The Hosted Builder™

Partnership for a Competitive Edge
Enhance the appeal of your new construction project with Tech Backbone’s tailored solutions for property developers. Address modern homebuyer expectations by delivering an authentic home automation experience, empowering them to manage all their devices through a single platform. Our experts handle remote network security monitoring, regular updates, and performance optimization. We carefully curate and install devices aligned with your project’s unique specifications, ensuring a seamless handoff of smart technology to buyers. Teaming up with Tech Backbone increases property value, augments sales, and streamlines costs.
Advanced Tech Support
Ensure the uninterrupted performance of your smart property's technology infrastructure with Tech Backbone's remote monitoring and expert care.
Optimized Performance
Our professionals fine-tune and update the network for a seamless experience, ensuring it operates at its best.
Proactive Issue Resolution
We swiftly identify and resolve hardware problems and internet outages, minimizing disruption to residents.
Minimal Downtime
Our vigilance guarantees minimal downtime, keeping technology online and responsive for residents.
Personalized Assistance
Benefit from tailored tech support and system implementation that matches your project's unique needs and infrastructure setup.
Complete Resident Empowerment
Offer residents ultimate convenience with features like remote, real-time property access control, and on-the-go monitoring of their homes.
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Services Brought to Life: Our Work

“Help! I just purchased a home and the previous homeowner had SMART tech installed and nothing works!”
“I’m building 5 high-end homes and want to incorporate a basic SMART tech package for each home. I also want to offer new home buyers potential upgrades during the purchase process.”
“Help! I just purchased a home and need a home network/SMART platform solution before I move in next month!”