The Hosted Landlord™

Efficient Property Management: A Win-Win for Landlords and Tenants
Our tailored concierge service offers a substantial boost in security, convenience, accessibility, and energy efficiency for your rental properties. Exceed the expectations of today’s tenants by providing a genuine smart home experience. Increase your potential revenue, reduce operating expenses, streamline maintenance, and prevent costly repairs. Tech Backbone’s experts handle remote network security monitoring, regular updates, and performance optimization. We meticulously select and install devices that align with your property’s specifications, ensuring a seamless experience for your tenants.
Advanced Support
Count on Tech Backbone to ensure your rental property's technology functions seamlessly through remote monitoring and expert care.
Performance at Its Best
Our professionals optimize and update your network, ensuring it runs flawlessly, delivering a superior experience.
Proactive Problem Solving
We quickly identify and resolve hardware issues and internet disruptions, minimizing tenant inconvenience.
Minimum Disruption
Our vigilant approach guarantees minimal downtime, keeping technology responsive for your renters.
Tailored Assistance
Enjoy personalized tech support and system setup that aligns with your property's needs and infrastructure.
Unmatched Convenience
Empower tenants with easy control of smart devices via a wall-mounted interface or mobile app. Benefit from features like remote supervision and self-guided renter tours.
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Services Brought to Life: Our Work

“Help! I just purchased a home and the previous homeowner had SMART tech installed and nothing works!”
“I’m building 5 high-end homes and want to incorporate a basic SMART tech package for each home. I also want to offer new home buyers potential upgrades during the purchase process.”
“Help! I just purchased a home and need a home network/SMART platform solution before I move in next month!”