Lighting & Shading

The Perfect Synergy of Ambiance and Energy Efficiency
Welcome to a new era of sophistication that redefines living and working spaces. Our cutting-edge smart lighting solutions transcend mere illumination, offering an artistic transformation that subtly influences the mood and perception of your space for any occasion. Complementing this, state-of-the-art shading solutions will provide utmost privacy, protect your furniture, and empower you to effortlessly manage natural light. Let Tech Backbone’s expert team handle the setup and ensure a seamless blend of brilliance, comfort, and inspiration.
Automated Blinds and Curtains
Control sunlight, maintain privacy, and enhance energy efficiency. Protect your interiors from harmful UV rays while optimizing natural light to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
Illuminate Any Space
Elevate ambiance with intelligent lighting fixtures, stylish lamps, and bulbs, complemented by personalized accessories for a truly unique atmosphere.
Unified Control Hub
Manage interior atmosphere from a centralized hub for ultimate convenience. Command your lights and shades with voice control through popular smart assistants.
Versatile Setting Transitions
Adjust space to various occasions and times of the day. Guarantee an ideal atmosphere, whether it's fostering productivity during work, creating a warm setting for family gatherings, adding vibrancy to parties, or providing relaxation for moments of leisure.
Bespoke Integrations
From cozy apartments to expansive estates, we will meet the unique requirements of your property. Tech Backbone ensures that your space is not only well-lit and shaded but also reflects your personal style.
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“Help! I just purchased a home and the previous homeowner had SMART tech installed and nothing works!”
“I’m building 5 high-end homes and want to incorporate a basic SMART tech package for each home. I also want to offer new home buyers potential upgrades during the purchase process.”
“Help! I just purchased a home and need a home network/SMART platform solution before I move in next month!”