“Help! I just purchased a home and the previous homeowner had SMART tech installed and nothing works!”

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Fitler Square)

The Request: Homeowner recently purchased the home (approx. 6500 sq feet, 5 stories, 5 years old). The existing network infrastructure and Control4 home automation system were dated. Wi-Fi was poor, and automated lights and shades would work intermittently or not at all. Also, the data center was in complete disrepair (lots of wires and no labels!). SMART devices were either dated or useless, and the security cameras were removed by the previous owner. The Homeowner was not a happy camper.

We were challenged to diagnose all the network and home automation issues, provide a solution to fix what we found, add a bunch of new SMART tech and other stuff (home office and home theater rebuild, new TVs, fireplace, etc.), and to do it all while the property was occupied. Like most people today, this Homeowner preferred streaming TV and worked from home. Also, the Homeowner preferred the Apple HomeKit platform and wanted an integrated solution that allowed for that. This turned out to be a multi-phase project.

The Solution:

Phase I – Network, whole house sound, and security cameras: We started by establishing the Tech Backbone for the home. The old data center was decommissioned, all wiring labeled, and a new centralized data center was stood up, including all necessary construction (framing, drywall, etc.). The home network (firewall, switches, interior wireless access points, battery back-up, etc.) and 4 exterior security cameras were integrated. SONOS sound was used for the whole house audio in five separate zones.

Phase II – Home automation platform fix: A thorough diagnostic review determined that the existing Control4 system was not salvageable. All lighting and shades were panelized. As such, Control4 was extracted and replaced with Lutron HomeWorks. Wall recessed Apple iPads were used throughout the home to replace the existing Control4 touch panels.

Phase III – New Lighting, shades, home office, home theater, fireplace, Apple HomeKit integration, and much more: This phase of the project is still on-going. We will certainly let you know how it turns out!