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Redefine Living. Boost Investments. Streamline Property Management.

We deliver tailored smart home infrastructure solutions for homeowners, builders, and landlords. Designed for flexibility and future-proofed for technology advancements.


Technology Infrastructure for the Whole Family

Discover custom networking solutions, setting the stage for seamless integration of smart devices that simplify and enhance your lifestyle.

At Your Fingertips

Manage lighting, entertainment systems & appliances with a single device.

Ultimate Security

Comprehensive surveillance system integration for 24/7 coverage, accessible on your smartphone or tablet.

Enhance Your Building Project with Innovations

Builders, partner with Tech Backbone to meet today’s home buyer demands and set your project apart in the competitive market.

Differentiate Smartly

Empower buyers with control, convenience, and a flexible foundation for smart devices.

Maximize Sales

Tech Backbone provides end-to-end infrastructure for connected homes, adding significant value to builder projects.

Landlords, Smarten Your Rentals

Attract tech-savvy tenants and boost rental income through adaptable home infrastructure, perfect for introducing cutting-edge entertainment, security, and access solutions.

Absolute Control

Remote Access: Securely manage rental access from anywhere.

Tenant Comfort

Allow your tenants to conveniently turn on AC or heaters on the go.

Our Story

Optimize Living with Tech Backbone's Home Technology Solutions

In the heart of Philadelphia, Tech Backbone was born out of a vision to transform homes into intelligent living spaces. 

Recognizing the need for secure, robust, and flexible networks supporting both business and smart home endeavors, our founder partnered with an IT executive and smart home enthusiast. 

Together, they crafted a solution that impressed a local builder, leading to the inception of Tech Backbone. Today, we offer premier networking solutions, optimizing living with comprehensive technology services for smarter, more connected homes.

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