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We go beyond smart home devices and create a seamless, out-of-the-box technology solution for both buyers and builders of new and existing residential construction projects.

What is Tech Backbone (TBB)?

TBB focuses on the technology infrastructure of the home, something most buyers and builders do not do when designing, as most only focus on smart home devices and the Internet of Things (IoT)

TBB will make sure the home’s technology skeleton is flexible and easily upgradable for future advances in tech… so your devices always work

To put it simply, we will be your home technology concierge

Technology in the hands of businessmen

The TBB Process:

1. Review the three standard technology backbone skeletons or consult with us for a customizable solution.

2. Select your peripheral options. Everything from doorbells to complete touch panel integration can be part of the design

3. Choose how involved you want TBB to be from the design to the installation to ongoing support

Pick Your Backbone:

The Minimalist: A backbone designed for the interior of the structure that is data focused only. Will usually include data ports in bedrooms, offices, family/entertainment areas, etc.

The Professional: The Minimalist plus the possibility of exterior runs, both on structure and extended to curtilage. Will introduce peripheral (doorbells, thermostats, etc.) and security considerations.

The Expert: The Professional plus audio visual, electrical considerations, and many more.

Custom: Let’s get crazy!


Pick Your Peripherals:

For backbones at the Professional level and above

TBB will consult with the builder and/or buyer to understand their peripheral needs both now and in the future to design the appropriate backbone

Peripheral option examples:

• Security Cameras
• Doorbells
• Touch screen control panel integration

Pick Your Service Level

Design only: TBB will create and deliver a fully actionable design based on the builder/buyer’s requested configuration

Backbone installation: TBB will use its resources
to install and configure the technology backbone

Peripherals procurement and installation: TBB
will use its resources to procure and install
peripherals, A/V, etc.

The Hosted Home

TBB is unique in that it offers a concierge service called The Hosted Home

Let TBB resources take care of your technology backbone by remotely
monitoring network security, performing updates, tweaking
performance, etc.

Hardware issue or internet down? We will know before you do and will be working to get services restored!

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